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Friends, most of you are using YouTube app. It is really nice to see videos that may include knowledge, info.,entertainment and music. Most of the people among you have a YouTube channel. Right !

But, some of you are still thinking to make their own YouTube channel. Having a YouTube channel enables you to comment on video posts and it also improves the user experience.

It's very easy to make your YouTube channel. Now, many of you faces an issue here. Actually, due to privacy or some other factor, they do not want to have their real name on their channel. They want their YouTube channel with either their real name & want to add their nick name, pseudo name or as their brand name.

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If you want to make YouTube channel, see the screenshots.
Create new channel.
Steps to create your youtube channel

For those, who have a google+ account, they can do it by changing name on their google+ account. And then making or linking their YouTube channel.

Create a channel with a business or other name.
How to make YouTube channel
by business name or other name?

Create a youtube channel for brand account.

Connecting youtube channel with brand account.

Connecting YouTube channel to a brand account.

Switch between accounts.

For those, who don't have a google+ account or they don't want to make one, they face problem regarding making a YouTube channel with another name with the same Google account.

For such people, here is the solution which may help you.

Follow these steps :

1). Go to your google account. Login by Gmail id and password. Then go to myaccount. 

2). Click on "About" section.

3). There in the place of  names, fill the name you want to use everywhere and on your YouTube channel. There is option there where you can also add your nickname and choose the names through options their according to your will.

4). Save it.

5). Now, go to YouTube app. Click on your profile and there you can see the changed name above your Gmail id.

6). Choose the option to make your YouTube channel. Set the privacy according to your wish.

7). In this way, you can make your YouTube channel with name other than your real name with the same account. Remember, the name is now applicable on your own Google apps. including gmail, google+ (if you make it later) & YouTube. 

Hope this has solved your problem.
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